The Most Important Items To Recycle

Solid waste disposal in New Jersey has become more of a challenge since the population has increased and land has gotten to a premium over the last century or so. One of the ways that citizens of the state can help address the problem is by recycling certain materials. However, many people are unsure of what can and should be recycled.

It is good to recycle as much as you can, but if you have to choose what to recycle, here are some of the most important items.

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1. Metal

From small items, such as steel and aluminum cans, to large items, such as scrap cars Morris County NJ, recycling metal saves the equivalent energy to power 18 million homes per year. Recycling does not compromise the quality of these metals, meaning they can be recycled over and over again.

2. Plastic

Two types of plastic are of particular concern: HDPE, which is used in milk jugs and shampoo bottles, and PET, which is used to make most of the 25 billion single-serving bottles of drinking water that Americans use in a year. As many as 80 percent of these bottles may end up in landfills despite the fact that most of them are recyclable.

3. Computers

Computers and other electronic devices can contain harmful chemicals that can pose a threat to humans and wildlife. Recycling centers are available to salvage valuable components and dismantle the rest safely. Some can also perform data destruction to avoid compromise of your confidential information.

4. Paper Products

These include corrugated cardboard and newspaper. The former makes up approximately 13.8% of our municipal waste stream, while the latter makes up about 33%. Recycling paper can help to free up more space in landfills. Additionally, it helps to save energy and conserve resources.

While these items should be a priority, it is best to recycle as much as you can. Your city government should have more information about what can and cannot be recycled.