3 Reasons why your fat loss Regime Hits a Plateau

Are you stuck in the middle of your weight loss program? You are watching every calorie which is going into your body and weighing your weight in grams. Even after following this much of disciplined program, you cannot achieve your desired fat loss goal. To get quick results, you can consider methandrostenolone, but only after consulting with your physician.

Here are a couple of mistakes you may be making and that is the reason why weight loss efforts are not producing results.

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Not Eating Enough Protein

People who are well informed about increasing muscle mass know that 1 g of protein per pound of body weight is good to increase muscle mass. Most of the people cannot understand that supplements are to complete the diet, they cannot replace it. Similarly, if you are not consuming enough real protein food items like chicken, dairy, eggs and meat, then your efforts may come to a standstill. Check if you are fulfilling half of you protein requirement with protein powder, then this is the right time to eat some real food.

This is important because eating real food makes a positive impact on the metabolic rate. Your body has to work harder in order to digest the protein. On the other hand, protein powders are quickly digested and this will make you hungry more often. In this situation you have to deal with your food cravings also and failing in this will sabotage your efforts.

Are You Eating Too Few Calories?

You may find it contradictory in the beginning, but when you will understand the whole concept of fat loss,then you will understand it properly. While following a fat loss regime, you are supposed to create a deficit of calories so that you can burn your stored fat. During this period if you consume too few calories, then body considers it an alarming situation and in spite of burning calories it slows down its metabolic rate. If you continue this habit, you will find that your body is storing fat. This is because body considers it starvation and mind sends signals to body to conserve energy.

To deal with this situation you are supposed to eat slightly below your maintenance level for a couple of weeks. During this period if you find positive results, then you can continue otherwise decrease a couple of more calories and add in cheat meals.

Don’t Stress Too Much

Are you keeping track of every macro and micro nutrient? Do you record even the meal timings and grams of protein you consume pre-and post-workoutroutines? Do you weigh yourself daily and prepare your own meals? If your answer is yes all the above questions, then I advise you to relax a little. Don’t get stressed because it will make the fat loss process difficult for you. You are doing your best and what if all the record keeping and exercise cannot generate your desired results?

After following the fat loss routine religiously, you may realize that your body is not behaving according to your command. This is the time whenyou are supposed to take a break and remember human body is not a machine. Consider methandrostenolone after discussing with your physician.