Benefits of Winstrol 10 mg

Winstrol is the commercial name of the stanozolol, an anabolic steroid derived from dihydrotestosterone. A benefit of winstrol when compared to other anabolic steroids is that it can be consumed orally. Since it is not broken down by the liver metabolism, this steroid can be taken in tablet form and doesn’t have to be injected. This is a big plus point for anyone who are scared to inject themselves on a daily basis. The ampules are available in aqueous forms and these can also be taken orally or injected

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Pharmaceutically proven to treat anemia and also angioedema in humans, winstrol is used in animals to improve red blood cell production and improve muscle growth.

Reduction of SHBG levels by Winstrol 10 mg

As most anabolic steroids, Winstrol also aids in muscle building and increasing lean mass. Winstrol is very much similar to testosterone and helps in the pretty much the same functions. SHBG or Sex Hormone Binding Globulin is responsible for binding to testosterone and making it unavailable to perform a number of functions like body building. It transports testosterone throughout the body but testosterone cannot function while bound to SHBG. It cannot perform any of its anabolic functions when it is attached to SHBG. This is where the role of Winstrol comes in. Winstrol reduces the level of SHBG hence releasing more testosterone into the body. 10 mg/day of Winstrol is sufficient to reduce the amount of SHBG by almost fifty percent. Hence Winstrol aids in the muscle building indirectly since the natural testosterone present in the body is available for anabolic functions. No other external supplements may be required in this case.

Other benefits

Winstrol is believed to have the ability to greatly increase strength and in turn power and speed. Hence it is very useful for competitive athletes. This is achieved without much or any weight gain at all, so it is very beneficial for athletes of this nature. It is also used develop lean muscle in bodybuilders. It does not help in bulking the body. It can be used only to tone muscles which are already lean. Both men and women can benefit from Winstrol. The important fact to take into consideration is the dosage. For each person, for each purpose, the dosage is different. Hence proper research should be done before starting the consumption of this steroid. Also this drug is not to be used as a base or primary steroid. It should be only taken as a secondary steroid.

As with all steroids, Winstrols too has its side effects but unlike many other drugs it is not as dangerous. Some people complain of water retention in the joints while taking Winstrol. Also high blood pressure is a side effect. It can be countered with healthy lifestyle choices. Winstrol has a tendency to reduce HDL (good cholesterol) and increase LDL (bad cholesterol). Hence we should keep an eye on cholesterol levels while taking stanozolol 10mg. People with already high cholesterol should not touch this drug.