Several iPhone 7 Users Facing Issues Pairing Android Wear Smartwatches

Several iPhone 7 Users Complain About Pairing Issues With Android Wear SmartwatchesMultiple iPhone 7 users are complaining that their Android Wear smartwatches are not pairing with their smartphones. Google has acknowledged the issue and has confirmed that the “Android Wear team is actively working to fix” it. Several iPhone 7 users took to Google’s product forum page to post their frustration about the issue.

The pairing issue primarily affects Tag Heuer, Moto 360 Gen 2, Asus ZenWatch, Fossil, and Mk watch users who are unable to pair their iPhone 7.

Google employee Ernest has acknowledged the issue on a product forum page, saying, “It has come to our attention that there is a serious pairing issue that affects Tag Heuer, Moto 360 v2, Asus Zenwatch, Fossil and MK Android Wear watches which are unable to pair with the new iPhone 7. We would need more information from you, so please “Send us feedback” through the Android Wear app: Gear icon> Feedback > Send Feedback,” said Ernest. He also added that Google has reported the issue to Apple.
One of the users wrote on the Google product forum post, “I’ve got a Tag Heuer connected that was working fine with my iPhone 6 even after I upgraded to iOS 10, but then since I unpaired to connect to my new iPhone 7. I haven’t been able to pass the pairing screen. I’ve tried with both phones, even tried to after downgrading the iPhone 6 to 9.3. I’ve also tried to a factory reset through the ‘Android dead robot’ as advised by Tag, but didn’t help, none of the phones get the code from the watch. Thanks!”

Another user reported, “Can’t get my Moto360 Gen 2 to pair with my iPhone7 (iPhone 6 and 6s with iOS10 was no problem). My iPhone7 sees my Moto360 in the Android Wear App and in the Bluetooth list when trying to pair but I never get the “accept message” on my Wear App when trying to pair so the pairing keeps failing.”